About Us

Blacklodge Boot Co was created and founded by Will Rollo Jr., who is the essence of the brand. Will was born and raised in north Florida, spending his formative years on his family’s cattle ranch and exploring the wildest parts of the sunshine state where the line between being an Outlaw and a civilian is often gray and fuzzy. Living on both sides of that thin line kept him on the move, never letting moss grow.

A rambler from a young age, Will has lived all over the United States, learning the culture and customs from each place he's lived, and growing his love for Western Americana. A collector by nature, Will has a discerning eye for both quality and history and has is a master at finding the most obscure and desirable pieces. He covets the rare, and the extraordinary, and now, for the first time; after years of auctions and private sales; he is offering these one-of-a-kind pieces for public sale. 

After years of drifting, Will has finally found his home, living in Western New York State with his wife and three children.